Unpacking Party!


Tomé Education LLC provides professional development and coaching to teachers, schools and districts. We are the proud parent company of Gotzee!™ Math Center kits and believe in lifting teachers’ craft through robust and timely professional development. Our kits are pretty great and when coupled with just right PD they enable teachers to invite ALL children to their classroom’s Math Party.


Let us host a district/ school- wide unpacking party! 

Having a center kit dropped off at your teacher’s door can be a bit overwhelming. We want to make sure your teachers’ are set up for successful centers. This 90min Virtual PD will be highly active, teachers will use the time to physically unpack and set up a Math Center Area in their classroom while collaborating and learning from one another. If time allows, we will even play a center together. At the end of the 90 min, teachers will have a huge todo item checked off their list. – Limited to 20 teachers/ attendees


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