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Professional Development
Professional Development
Classroom Materials
Classroom Materials

Read what people are saying about Tomé Education.... 

"Patricia recognizes the valuable insights and experience of the teaching teams she works with and her collaborative approach pulls teaching teams together while instilling the mindsets necessary to make changes that are pivotal in supporting student learning." Fall 2022 Instructional Coaching 

Christy D Lower School Director

"Patricia has been a wonderful tutor for our daughter. She is very encouraging and helped work through some concepts that my daughter had trouble grasping. She has helped her develop more independence in her math learning skills and stronger problem-solving processes. My child truly has bonded with Patricia and even missed having her as a tutor over the summer! We are very happy to have found such a knowledgeable, experienced, fantastic tutor who has built such a great rapport with our daughter." - 2023 - Tutoring

Michael M. Parent - Grade 3 Student

"Patricia is an innovative, student-centered, and enthusiastic educator! She focuses not only on developing math skill sets in students but also on building confidence and positive math mindset in every student she teaches." Summer Camp 2023

Christy D. Lower School Director

"Your summaries are so helpful and really share insight on (child)'s thought process when it comes to math.  Seeing her skill and confidence grow has been wonderful to see. " 2021/2022 Tutoring 

Hilary D. Parent - Grade 4 Student

"I first must compliment you on the format and informative nature of the tutoring summary. It really helps us understand what you are covering and how she (child) performed. Thanks for this." - 2022 Tutoring

Kevin F. Parent- Grade 6 Student

Professional Development & Instructional Coaching

K-5 math coaches experienced in

  • Concrete- Representation- Abstract Progressions
  • Problem Based Instruction using the 5 Practices
  • Multi-sensory math practices
  • Integrating centers within everyday lessons
  • Math in Focus
  • Illustrative Mathematics (Certified Facilitator 2020-2022)
  • Everyday Math

Onsite and Virtual Options

Model Lessons with Center Integration

Unit Play and Plan PLC Faciltation

One on One Tutoring

Empowering students to embrace their confident inner Math Person. Working with students over Zoom and in person, we first strive to connect with each student discovering their strengths and building from a position of strength and confidence. Each student's lessons are individualized and our work is highly game based. We reach out to students' teachers and work together to provide coherent math instruction. Students' adults receive a thorough written narrative after each session along with anchor charts co-crafted between student and tutor. We seek to develop the whole child and balance instruction equally between mathematical skills and practices.

Classroom Materials

Our passion is to create joyful and accessible mathematics for all learners. We recognize the challenges facing educators today and have partnered with teachers and districts to develop resources in hopes of alleviating some of the daily prep. With less prep, teachers are able to focus on what they do best...teach!


During the pandemic, Patricia Tomé Edelmann and her daughter, a graphic designer, led a team of teachers to develop and bring Gotzee!™ Math Center Kits to K-2 classrooms implementing IM™.


We have also partnered with Great Prairie Area Education Agency in Iowa to develop enhanced IM™ Kinder and Grade 1 assessments.


Enhanced IM™ Grades K & 1 Unit Assessments
Gotzee!™ Math Center Kits