Josh Rosen

The Gotzee! Illustrative Mathematics Center kits are a true labor of love! They are a fabulous resource for the classroom implementing IM.   The materials are well organized and colorful, and will be a huge time saver for the classroom teacher!  This is a much needed resource for the IM classroom!!

Josh Rosen K-8 Math Specialists, Dobbs Ferry School District
Cara Littlefield

Both students and teachers love IM Centers, but they are one of the most time consuming aspects in terms of prep. Having Gotzee! as a resource will be a game changer. By easing the workload for teachers, students can engage in many more centers in the classroom.

Cara Littlefield Math Coach, Van Ness Elementary School

Ok I just looked at the math party kit that Patricia left for her presentation tomorrow! You’ve got to come check it out! The centers kit materials she left are literally GOLD!!!!

Renae Grade 1 Classroom Teacher, Iowa
Jen Overley

I’ve been an educator for over 30 years and have come to realize the immense value in playing with mathematical ideas in pursuit of developing deep understanding and fluency.  IM™ Centers aim to do just that and Gotzee!™ makes it easy for teachers to implement these centers into their classrooms right away.  They offer easy-to-administer organization of materials and game boards and enhanced directions for effortless introduction to the classroom. They reduce prep-time…giving teachers back the gift of time!  What a gift Gotzee!™ is to teachers and students.

Jen Overley K-8 Math Teacher and Coach and Facilitator

Created for Teachers by Teachers

Gotzee!™ is answering the call from teachers like you to ease the prep and make the fabulous content of the Illustrative Mathematics K-2® Centers accessible to ALL! We have preserved the mathematical content of the K-2 IM™ centers in an easily accessible format for both teachers and students with minimal additional materials to gather.

Students at the 💜

When kids are excited about learning, concepts develop at the speed of light

(well....maybe not that quickly!)

Mindset Messages

Our centers are designed with the whole child at the heart. Social Emotional learning is incorporated through mindset messages at each center.  Learning involves taking risks and reinforcing a growth mindset builds confident mathematicians!

Access for All

Following the UDL framework, we enhanced the center recording pages to provide even more means of engagement and representation for our youngest learners. We sweat the details so you don't have to. We've thought of all the details, right down to the choice of font. 
Open Dyslexic Font